Digitizing Real Surfaces

APEC Scan Service and APEC Material Database will be available soon.
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High quality renderings demand high quality materials. We specialize in digitizing real surfaces for production use, independent of your rendering solution. We provide integrations for video game engines like Unity and Unreal, renderers like Octane, Cycles and Mitsuba as well as an SDK for use in your custom software.


Real surfaces are scanned using our proprietary hardware solution, resulting in high resolution data sets.


These data sets are analyzed and split into their optical characteristics, producing tileable texture sets.


The texture sets are editable using any image editing software to individualize their appearance.


Physically correct composition of multiple material scans can be achieved using our compositing software suite.


Real environments are littered with surfaces of different optical properties. Our proprietary hardware solution is able to capture even the finest details, from fingerprints on polished metal to motes of dust on a wooden floor. Details like these are essential for creating believable spaces.


Physically Correct

APEC Material scans consist of measured physical quantities that allow us to faithfully reproduce the appearance of a surface by fitting our data to any given BRDF

Highly Detailed

Our material scans exhibit highly detailed and spatially varying surface properties at a consistent high resolution of at least 4k x 4k

Color Managed

Our entire content pipeline uses a color managed workflow to accurately preserve and reproduce colors

Easy To Use

We provide integrations for video game engines like Unity and Unreal as well as renderers like Octane, Cycles and Mitsuba

Extremely Flexible

APEC Material scans can be easily composited into new materials. Our proprietary software suite gives you artistic freedom while still producing physically correct materials


Wether you need particular material scans or a seemless integration into your existing workflow. We offer custom solutions for every need


Beyond material acquisition we also offer expertise in the following areas, helping you to develop your individual solution.


Our upcoming material library will offer a vast variety of highly accurate material scans. If you are interested in a custom solution, please contact us for our individual scan service.


In addition to our integrations into renderers and game engines we can provide custom rendering solutions using our in house renderer or helping you with an integration into your own workflow.


Coming from a research background we are constantly developing new technologies to improve and extend our material scanning capabilities.


Realistic materials are important for an even more immersive VR/AR experience. We can help you build your individual VR/AR solution.





Image Processing



We are APEC Visual, a young team of highly skilled engineers with a passion for photorealistic renderings, working together for more than 8 years. In 2016, we successfully pitched our concept in front of a jury of the "Ministry for Innovation, Science, Research and Technology of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia". During our project "REALMAT - Digitization of Real Material Surfaces" we are going to extend the capabilities of our material measurement device starting november 2016 supported by the TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences.

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